Motion Sick - CD

  • Motion Sick CD

Motion Sick - CD

Ships on May 26th 2023

Born as a series of voice notes, written over web-cam, developed via shared Logic Pro projects, and honed in the snatched moments of lockdown freedom, we are stoked to bring you Civil Villains' debut album - Motion Sick.

Like the nauseating sensory mismatch experienced from the passenger seat, Motion Sick is largely about contradictory states and lost control - lives lived in cognitive dissonance and perpetual imbalance - where nuance is discarded in favour of explosive pace, where gut decisions are made on upset stomachs.

Funeral Rouge
Mortuary Blue
Bayou Autonomy
Corner Store
Anaesthesia Whores
Skip town
Present Tense
Cavalier Blonde
Never Leave

Produced by Mike Bannard & Civil Villains.
Engineered, recorded and mixed by Mike Bannard.
Mastered by Alain Paul.
Recorded at Shaken Oak Studios & Safehouse Studios in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

℗ 2023 Thundersnuff Records.
All songs © 2023 Civil Villains.
All rights reserved.